Ugh, not another weight loss tea!

We get it, you’re sceptical. And you should be. Weight loss products have always overpromised and undelivered. Sold as miracle solutions that will help you lose x number of pounds in just a few weeks only to come with uncomfortable side effects and little of what was actually promised. We wanted to do things a little differently and be very clear on what you are, and are not, paying for.

Ugh, not another weight loss tea!

The flagship active ingredient in GLTea-1 is the South American tea Yerba Mate (they drink loads of the stuff!). Various studies have shown that consumption of Yerba Mate in and of itself can contribute to weight and body fat loss – check out the details in this article on

Ugh, not another weight loss tea!

We think the GLP-1 boosting effects of Yerba Mate are a big part of the benefit, so we added Glutamine help your body produce even more of it. GLP-1 acts in the body and brain to make you feel full more quickly and less likely to act on your cravings (more details on how GLP-1 works here).

We do think GLTea-1 can help you manage your weight on its own. But we are equally excited about how GLTea-1 can help you enhance those effects by leaving you feeling more motivated and energised to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Yerba Mate contains a lot of caffeine, and a shot of GLTea-1 has as much of it as cup of coffee. But we added L-theanine which is famed for anti-anxiety and stress relieving effects. These two ingredients together give you a much smoother dose of energy, so we think you’ll be more motivated and productive after your shot while avoiding the mid-afternoon crash that many of us get with coffee.

So why aren’t we just another weight loss tea? Our primary care is how you feel, not how you look. We’ve built a product and brand that we think will make you feel more energised, find exercise more enjoyable and empower you to achieve your goals – be they fitness, professional or mental health based.

A Natural Boost

A convenient natural energy shot that boosts GLP-1, using Yerba mate in it’s purest form.