How can GLTea-1 help you manage your weight?

There are several active compounds in Yerba Mate that contribute to weight loss or weight management. While more research is needed to identify the exact mechanistic drivers, the below have been shown to contribute to these effects.

How can GLTea-1 help you manage your weight?

The most important factors are those that help stimulate the body to produce more of its own GLP-1 – the same hormone which drugs like Ozempic, Wegovy and Mounjaro are based on. If you are interested, you can find out more about GLP-1 here.

Studies suggest it’s the presence of chlorogenic acid and mate saponins from our main ingredient, Yerba Mate, that drive a boost in innate GLP-1 levels. We added the amino acid glutamine to GLTea-1 to enhance that response. Stimulation of GLP-1 receptors has various effects, including increased satiety (feeling full more quickly), delayed gastric emptying (feeling fuller for longer) and reducing reward-based behaviour (blunting your cravings).

How can GLTea-1 help you manage your weight?

It’s not just the GLP-1 boosting effects however. Mate saponins have also shown some lipase inhibiting effects. These are the enzymes that help your body break down fat in the foods you eat meaning inhibiting these enzymes will make you absorb less fat from your diet. Further, the presence of chlorogenic acid is thought to lower the rate of production of an enzyme called glucose-6-phosphate translocase-1 (G6P T1) which is involved in gluconeolysis (breakdown of sugar for energy) - driving the body to draw more energy from fat cells.

Research has shown that Yerba Mate consumption, as a result of that lowered G6P T1, increases fatty acid oxidation during exercise by 24%! A consequence of this is a boosted mood state during and after exercise, while also reducing hunger post workout. This is why we think that GLTea-1 can not only make your exercise more effective, but also help you enjoy it more!

It's that last point that is also important to us. We care about our product’s positive impacts on your wellbeing, energy levels and mood, more than the effect it might have on your appearance. If you are looking for some help on your weight loss journey, we think GLTea-1 is a part of that and more.

Boosted by nature

A convenient natural energy shot that boosts GLP-1, using Yerba mate in it’s purest form.